Plank Exercise Benefits: Why Plank Exercises? And The Oblique Shredder Side Plank Exercise

Today’s a special day, not just for the fact that you are going to learn the plank exercise benefits, and why plank exercises are great plus not to forget the side plank exercise which tightens the love handles…

No no no my friends, not just because of all that… But it’s my dads birthday.

We met with  my uncles and aunties today to catch up on this special day which was great to be altogether, and everyone had a laugh (Good times).

By now if you have been following this blog over the past year or so you will see lot’s of Free top tips for helping you in the mind, body and spirit of living.

Plank Exercise Benefits

I remember being shown this plank exercise variation years back, and to be honest, i was a young gun who thought it didn’t look much. ‘Oh how i was wrong!’

Once my teacher ran through all the positions it was my go, and i can honestly say they work.

The main benefits of the plank exercises, are that people who have trouble doing situps because of back problems really reap the benefits from the plank exercises.

Cut a long story short i was shaking all over the place as this certain plank exercise really engaged the muscles and works the core hard. ( Even Borat agrees with me)

Plank Exercises Work Wonders

So let’s look a simple front plank exercise. As you can see in the picture to the demonstrating the plank, it really works the whole body.

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The main reason for this is that it’s what i call a stability exercise.

Basically put, it works on your balance motion and that is why people tend to do the front plank for part of their abs training routine, because our abs are the stability muscles that help keep our posture in positions.

Side Plank Exercise

Now to finish off i thought i would throw in a side plank exercise that really tightens those love handles on the sides.

To turn the heat up on this exercise you will want to hold the side plank and then slowly move your hips up towards the sky and back down towards the ground.

This side plank exercise alone has become lot’s of my clients secret weapon to help tighten up and shrink their waistline.

Now don’t forget that for the best results in effective fatloss and muscle tone you need to mix things up with other routines just like my post on best abs workout for men and women.

Make sure you try out these great plank exercises. They work, but like anything just need to put the time in and take action now.

I’m back off now to spend the rest of the day with the birthday guy and do some training later on in the evening.

Have Fun : )

Richard Huntley

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